Peterson Angus 10th Annual Production Sale

Saturday, February 27th, 1pm (CST)
Sioux Falls Regional Livestock Barn, Worthing SD

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Mission Statement

It is our Mission to consistently produce industry leading genetics that drive profits for our customers, cow herds, feedlots, packing plants, and dinner plates using technology and information to guide the way.

Consistency -

Anyone can produce a great bull or cow, but few can have a herd of great bulls or cows. Consistency will be demonstrated across the entire herd every year Peterson Angus is in business. This will be accomplished by aggressively culling outliers, or cattle that don’t measure up to the breeding plan and goals set forth below.

Industry Leading -

Cattle that hit the mark of excellence. This will be judged by industry published close outs and data. These traits will be defined in the breeding/management plan. This is a time consuming area to track as extensive due diligence is required in order not to slip or miss the mark.


Drive Profits -

This is a key to a successful long term business. Traits such as feed efficiency, gain ability, fertility, easy fleshing, tenderness and disease resistance to name a few.

Dinner Plates -

Begin with the end in mind - if the consumer is not satisfied, everything else is a waste of time. We need repeat consumers that are willing to spend their hard earned dollars time and time again no matter the cost. The end game of all genetics is the dinner plate. It is our goal to create a dining experience that is second to none.

Technology and Information -

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Anyone can own a cow herd, but few can manage a cow herd and consistently improve its traits in ways that add to their customer’s bottom line. This will be accomplished with strict data management and interpretation. As new technologies such as DNA testing get proven, management will implement, select and manage for desirable traits that don’t compromise other areas of the genetic program.


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